Increasing tmp partition size on cPanel Linux Server

As your server grows or you have some rather large tasks, you might find the default size of your /tmp partition to be too small, which can result in various errors from your services, the most common 4 being cPanel, Apache, LiteSpeed, and MySQL. For example: [ERROR] mysqld: Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/ohUjKwaL’ (Errcode: 28 “No space left on device”) [...]

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How to set a return to sender failure message for unrouted emails in cPanel

At first, you've already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen. Click on the "Default Address" icon in "EMAIL" section. Click the option, "Discard the email..." with error to sender. If you have more than one domain, make sure you select the domain you want to set the failure message for.Then enter the error message you want [...]

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cPanel User and Tweaking Memory Comsumption

cPanel is most popular control panel in the web hosting industry which is generally used on Linux hosting server to manage available resources for a website. The Cpanel control panel is renowned, because of its easy functionality and simplicity. The simple looking graphical user interface enables user to do more besides its main feature. This control panel enable you to [...]

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How to protect your blog from WordPress SPAM!

If you ever used WordPress before, then you will know what a nuisance spam comments can be. WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform and thus it gets targeted by spammers on a regular basis in an attempt to create backlinks to their websites for SEO Green Cash key on a computer keyboard with clipping pathpurposes or simply advertise [...]

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How to start a blog?

any of us have, had or at least considered having a blog at one point or another. Blogs occupy a huge part of the internet, which has recently been confirmed by a study showing that 77% of the active internet users read them on a regular basis. What makes blogs a preferred option for a lot of the users is [...]

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Types of web hosting services

Not many peoples know about all types of webhosting services available today. Most of them, look for cheapest and most affordable hosting plan and basically pick a shared plan.However, depends on customer (private person or business company) they should look for best fit, before anything else So, here are all existing types of website hosting services: Shared Dedicated Colocation Reseller Virtual [...]

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